Crafter or Artisan

For those wishing to be a crafter or artisan at our summer market, follow the submission information below.  You may choose up to 4 markets per vendor.  We invite 2 crafters or artisans to each market.

Once we receive you application, we will review it and notify you of your acceptance.  Your date will be confirmed when we have received your full payment.

  • decide which date(s) you would like to be at the market by looking at the available dates on our calendar below.
  • download and read the market rules
  • fill out our 2017 craft vendor online application or downloadable PDF
  • Typical market layout
  • Your attendance at the market is confirmed when we received payment for your attendance.  The cost is $25 per market.  You can pay online or make a check out to Sally Frank’s Farmers’ Market and mail it to Sally Frank’s Farmers’ Market, c/o Melrose Chamber of Commerce, One West Foster St., Melrose, MA  02176