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The Prettiest Cauliflower at the Market

Young Foodie's Dilemma


Farmers’ markets are an amazing way to get fresh produce and spice up your daily dishes. In the section marked “On our Table” at the top of the page, I spoke about farmers’ markets in Massachusetts and the Sally Frank’s Farmers’ Market in Melrose but I wanted to give you, my Global Dish Daily-ers, a closer look.

At this farmers’ market, you will find music, soap vendors, honey sellers, maple syrup vendors, and appetizing baked goods. Also, there are tons of toys and a section for kids if you’re running around with some little ones.


I purchased some ambrosial cauliflower, aromatic raspberries, delectable zucchini, fresh cilantro, and gorgeous chives. I can’t wait to share my zucchini fries recipe in an upcoming post.




Farmer Spotlight – Ackermann’s Maple Farm


While I may look like quite the sophisticated foodie at times, I still love some Aunt Jemima Syrup on some crisp ego waffles…

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The Farmers’ Market Does It Again!

Young Foodie's Dilemma


Summer is a time to be outdoors and have fun in the summer sun. In Boston, we are appreciative of this warm weather considering it only lasts from June to August. So, when the weather is nice, my friends and I like to try fun events around the city. This weekend, we decided to take advantage of the free tours on Georges Island, one of the 34 Boston Harbor Islands.

For more information on the Boston Harbor Islands and their ferry system, you can visit the website for the Boston Harbor Islands at http://www.bostonharborislands.org/passenger-ferry.

To prepare for this morning of fun with my friends, this past Thursday, I went to Sally Franks Farmer’s Market. Purchased carrots, cucumbers, and green peppers form Dick’s Market Garden, fresh hummus from Tooba’s Café, and Soluna Garden Farm’s Chai tea.

Dick’s Garden Market – Dick’s is always crowded and there is a reason why –  they offer the…

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