The Melrose Farmers Market is currently trying to expand the Sally Frank Farmers Market in Melrose, currently on Thursdays from 10am-3pm, to bring back the festival atmosphere to Farmers Markets. We hope to share the culture of food, art, and music with our community. The Melrose Farmers Market will be running until October 30th.

In addition to several farmer and artisan vendors, who are charged a miniscule fee, the Farmers Market will be showcasing several up and coming local musicians, bands, dancers, and other performers. There will also be family friendly entertainers, face painters, jugglers and the like. Additionally we will have an outdoor art gallery showcasing local artists. Vendors will agree give to a ‘donation basket’ which will be in lieu of a cash payment for our bands and musicians.

We are actively seeking sponsors and volunteers to help make the Melrose Farmers Market the BEST in the area.

We feel that we will be able to offer farm fresh foods, education, and free entertainment to hundreds of Melrosians and their families in our new location.

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